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Do you want to digitize broadband rate sales and manage connections efficiently?

Cloud software for the digitalisation of the energy industry, epilot employee offers help

Benefits at a glance


Click and go: epilot is immediately ready for use.

Industry-specific templates and no-code technology allow you to get started quickly and make quick adjustments to rates and services.

More efficient

With epilot you scale your business.

Even high volumes of inquiries can be processed efficiently via digital closings and partner control.

Customer Experience

User-friendly order lines and self-service in the customer portal.

Take your customer experience to a new level.

Product Worlds

In epilot, you digitally create and market your rates and other services in all their forms and dependencies.


Selling tariffs omnichannel

Whether it’s pre-marketing or a rolled-out fiber optic network, in epilot you can place rates on the website with just a few clicks, including availability checks, integration of payment service providers, and credit checks. You also use the epilot tariff configurator in door-to-door sales or on other channels. You digitally map the requirements of the Telecommunications Act with regard to the conclusion and summary of contracts using automation logic.

Breitband Illustration - Tariff selection
Breitband Illustration

Digitize land and building use contracts

Paper contracts and mailing are no longer necessary: Use epilot to collect all the information you need to automatically create land and building use contracts for the installation of broadband connections and have them digitally signed.

Management of partners and service providers

In epilot, you integrate partners in broadband tariff sales and technical partners in connection installation directly into your processes and allow different clients to cooperate with each other. For 360° transparency and efficient coordination.

Illustration - Partner network
Illustration - Workflow configurator

Flexible process design and management

You adapt epilot configuratively to your individual processes, e.g. for number portability, service processes or technical processes, both in B2C and B2B business. Automated task assignment means the entire team knows what needs to be done and when.

Management of all products & services

In epilot, you sell whatever you want: individually or bundled with other products. Fiber-optic rates can be sold in conjunction with other components such as TV packages, fixed-network flat rates, and mobile packages, or bundled with other contracts such as electricity or gas.

Header Grafik Breitband
Illustration - Header customer portal

Modern Self
Service portal

Via a user-friendly portal, you reflect to your prospects and customers the current status of their inquiries at any time. You handle the bidding phase of broadband connections or the GGNV creation including digital signature in the portal. And submit complementary cross-selling offers from your product portfolio.

Flexible mapping of different business objects

In epilot you create different business objects and relate them to each other – this way you and your partners keep a transparent overview of which requests, tenants, owners, apartments, houses, contracts and routers belong together.

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Omnichannel sales of broadband rates


Broadband connections

Land and building use contracts

Service processes, e.g. fault messages

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