Stadtwerke Wülfrath now offers photovoltaic systems for lease via epilot

With immediate effect, Stadtwerke Wülfrath is offering photovoltaic solutions for private and industrial customers in Wülfrath.

The gas and water supplier, whose electricity sales are managed by Neander Energie, a subsidiary jointly established with Stadtwerke Erkrath and Heiligenhaus, is thus gradually expanding its business areas.

“For us, this is another step towards becoming an all-round supplier in Wülfrath. After offering e-mobility solutions for a year now, we are now rounding off the range with self-generation plants,” reports Stadtwerke und Neander Energie Managing Director Arne Dorando.

Different photovoltaic packages are offered, which can be operated singularly or combined with different storage sizes but also with wallboxes. The solutions are planned, built and operated by the municipal utilities, and the customer becomes a tenant of the plant for more than 20 years.

The business is controlled via the e-pilot platform. “For us, this is an ingenious solution for combining customer-friendly sales – whether via the homepage or through personal contact – with fully automated workflow management,” Dorando continues. An expansion of the cloud-based platform for other sales and network products is therefore already planned.

“Stadtwerke Wülfrath is one of our first movers. The speed with which a rather small municipal utility has created the prerequisites for e-pilot is remarkable,” adds e-pilot CEO Michel Nicolai.

But not only private customers are addressed. Initial project discussions have already been held with Wülfrath companies that have interesting roof areas. Here, the municipal utilities work together with Velbert-based ENEDI, which specializes in consulting on energy services.

“Short distances, customer knowledge, common goals and complementary know-how characterize our cooperation,” emphasizes Johannes Alte-Teigeler, Managing Director of ENEDI.

And Dorando adds: “All in all, such cooperations are the best way for municipal utilities to position themselves in the increasingly fast-moving energy world. When specialists can combine their knowledge with the customer relationships of municipal utilities, it’s efficient and successful.”


You can find more information here.


Photo: Stadtwerke Wülfrath

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