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coneva’s mission is to support municipal utilities on their way to becoming service providers in the new energy world. For this purpose, coneva offers white label solutions for energy management and networks and integrates all relevant devices and systems of private as well as commercial end customers across sectors. In doing so, coneva places a clear focus on user-friendliness, enabling greater transparency and proximity when dealing with end customers. Whether pure consumer or prosumer, coneva’s energy management solution offers the possibility to visualize energy flows, to couple power systems, battery storage and electromobility as well as to optimize energy consumption. For the municipal utility, coneva offers scalable solutions to energy communities as part of the decentralization of energy supply.

As part of the cooperation between coneva and epilot, these energy management functions will be integrated into epilot’s customer portal. This allows consumers and prosumers in the electricity market to visualize their smart meter data.

During epilot world, Tina Hadler presented the concept of coneva and the “way behind the counter” – click here for the recording.

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