Insights from our e-pilot Community Meeting Networks

The exchange with our network community has given us insights into the current pain points of network operators. We have summarized the most burning issues:


– The commissioning process is currently almost completely analog and involves many process participants

– The reading of solar systems is associated with high effort and even if online solutions for meter reading are already offered, these are hardly used

– The information on house connection, commissioning and meter change is scattered across many employees and IT systems

– Communication with authorities and concessionaires is cumbersome and lengthy

– Coordination with other utilities regarding the laying of various house connections is poor

– The management of service providers, such as civil engineering contractors, is inefficient due to the lack of daily information on capacity utilization


Building on these findings, we are driving e-pilot product development forward. Commissioning and meter reading reporting can soon be marketed and controlled completely digitally and end-to-end via e-pilot. We are also constantly expanding the collaboration options and information exchange in our ecosystem.

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