New tech support for e-pilot

Today we introduce you to Laszlo Schürg in front of: Laszlo designs and develops the new e-pilot user interface technology for our customer journeys. Laszlo has been working in IT for more than 10 years and has been involved in a wide variety of infrastructure and software projects, for example at Pixum. His focus is on the architecture of scaling, responsive user interfaces & web applications. Along the way he has Entrepreneurs Club Cologne e.V. and enriches e-pilot with his large network in the start-up scene. What does Laszlo find exciting about e-pilot? “e-pilot offers the opportunity to bring in and implement my own ideas, because the team is always ready to rethink existing processes and concepts. I was inspired to do this by the ambitious vision of the founders. Michel and Szilard convinced. I am excited to put the e-pilot front-end technology on a solid foundation to offer an industry-independent no-code platform with flexible integration options in the future.”

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