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The new fully integrated e-pilot electricity and gas price calculator is here!

With the new end-to-end e-pilot electricity-gas price calculator, we offer you the most modern, innovative and fully integrable calculator the market has seen so far.

What does that mean? Current calculators are mostly all designed according to the same principle: they are rather rigid in their handling, existing tariffs cannot be changed so easily, new ones cannot be integrated without inconsiderable effort, or modern cross-selling offers cannot be included.

With our fully integrated electricity-gas price calculator, this is effortless: Your customer can put together what he needs himself. He wants to bundle his electricity and gas tariff? No problem. Do you want to add attractive options such as a new TV, a lucrative streaming subscription or a smart home package? One click is all it takes. Grant discounts or give a movie or theater ticket as a gift? Can he choose himself directly!

But that’s not all: while your customer is still booking his additional options, you can easily offer him further products or services from your portfolio. If he is interested, he simply clicks on the corresponding field, for example a PV system – and your customer service knows what information he can contact him with soon or you submit an offer directly to your customer. Optimize your conversions with the new e-pilot electricity gas price calculator. e-pilot thus offers you modern cross- and up-selling that can be easily integrated end-to-end!

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