SCHUFA is Germany’s leading solution provider of credit and information services for companies and consumers. In total, more than 10,000 corporate customers are connected to Schufa’s services as contractual partners. In addition, around 2.3 million private customers use SCHUFA services. The company provides private and business customers such as banks, savings banks and retailers with… Continue reading Schufa


For over 20 years, PayPal has revolutionized the digital payments market as a leading provider. Through the use of technology, the PayPal platform enables more than 375 million consumers and merchants in over 200 markets to successfully participate in international commerce, making financial services and commerce more convenient, cost-effective and secure. In Germany, 25.6 million… Continue reading PayPal PLUS

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can easily analyze how your website and app users interact with your content to find out what’s resonating well and what’s not. Through various reporting tools, you can gain insights into how customers interact with your website and apps, and easily share information within your organization. Google’s comprehensive statistics and machine… Continue reading Google Analytics


As a leading IT company, GET AG and its approximately 90 employees have been collecting industry-relevant data since 2000, preparing it and developing software to enable customers to use it for everyday market requirements. Thanks to its expertise in setting up and operating online portals, the Leipzig-based company offers market participants and consumers attractive platforms… Continue reading GET AG


envelio is an IT company from Cologne that has developed the Intelligent Grid Platform: a software assistance system for distribution grid operators that can be used to digitize and automate technical grid planning and grid operation processes. An important application is the automated processing of network compatibility checks for new network participants. The integration of… Continue reading envelio


ene’t GmbH is an independent systems house for the German energy industry, offering utilities a broad portfolio of software solutions, web services, databases and consulting. The integration of ene’t web services into the epilot cloud solution makes it possible to determine the current network usage tariff and the associated network usage costs (network charges, metering… Continue reading ene’t


DATAFACTORY AUTOCOMPLETE is a service specializing in address and data management provided by Deutsche Post Direkt, a wholly owned subsidiary of Europe’s largest postal service provider, Deutsche Post. A total of around 1.2 million different address suggestions are available, including all delivery-relevant streets, more than 16,000 postal codes and destinations, 14,000 towns and 75,000 district… Continue reading DATAFACTORY


coneva’s mission is to support municipal utilities on their way to becoming service providers in the new energy world. For this purpose, coneva offers white label solutions for energy management and networks and integrates all relevant devices and systems of private as well as commercial end customers across sectors. In doing so, coneva places a… Continue reading coneva


The credit agency Creditreform Boniversum is part of the Creditreform Group and one of the largest providers of creditworthiness information on private individuals in Germany. epilot offers the option of integrating Boniversum within the online ordering process, for example when selling broadband tariffs. End customers agree to the transmission of data for the credit check… Continue reading Boniversum