DATAFACTORY AUTOCOMPLETE is a service specializing in address and data management provided by Deutsche Post Direkt, a wholly owned subsidiary of Europe’s largest postal service provider, Deutsche Post.

A total of around 1.2 million different address suggestions are available, including all delivery-relevant streets, more than 16,000 postal codes and destinations, 14,000 towns and 75,000 district names. The basis for the automatic completion is the street directory based on the original Deutsche Post postal routing data.

Through interface connection and encryption, epilot customers can always access current postal data quickly and securely. As an integrated service in our epilot platform, DATAFACTORY AUTOCOMPLETE enables effective assistance in the user-friendly completion of address entries. As soon as your customers enter the first alphanumeric characters in the address input field of the epilot order route, they receive up to 15 suggestions for valid German addresses.


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