Digital mapping of broadband expansion and sales with epilot

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The expansion of the broadband network is an attractive business area for energy providers to expand their traditional product portfolio and, as a digital service provider, also offer telecommunications products.
Together with our pilot customers, we are developing a comprehensive broadband solution on our epilot platform. This enables us to digitally set up and manage the sale of broadband lines and broadband products. All previously concluded broadband connections and future contracts will be included in the epilot platform and processed from there. The entire sales process, from customer contact and document management to the handover to the technical department is faster, easier and less complicated. There are intuitive click-throughs for the customer, attractive product bundling possibilities as well as flexible and transparent processes for all market players with a fast time-to-market.


Do you want to become a pilot customer? Or would you like to learn more about our broadband project? Just register here for our webinar on 30 June.

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