epilot and Servicum: Partnership for better customer service

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Cologne, 03.05.2021. With Servicum from Jena, the software-as-a-service provider epilot is expanding its range of partners: The Thuringian company offers outsourcing solutions for customer service in the energy industry.

“Together with our partners, we want to launch smart solutions for the industry. And this efficiently, quickly, sustainably and as a win-win for all market participants. The partnership with Servicum serves all of this: while we digitally map customer-focused end-to-end processes from lead generation to technical implementation to active customer management with our e-commerce solution, Servicum, as an outsourcing service provider, takes over the customer-oriented implementation of downstream business processes of utilities,” emphasizes Michel Nicolai, founder and CEO of epilot.

Stefan Fritschek, CEO and Co-Founder at Servicum, adds: “Just like epilot, we want to relieve energy suppliers, network operators and related industries in their day-to-day business and thus enable them to have additional resources so that they can open up new market access. This is particularly interesting for small and medium-sized companies that, with limited resources, nevertheless want to react flexibly to daily fluctuations.”

Three areas for more performance

Servicum’s approach to customer service is therefore that it must not simply be an unloved back-office process, but must be operated with commitment in order to maintain revenue opportunities in the future. Servicum therefore offers an outsourcing solution for the entire customer service process. Servicum is the right expert especially for the smart energy product world, from renewable energies to e-mobility and smart meters. These areas show high market dynamics. The often still manufactory-like production, long warranty periods, high pressure to innovate and the increasing networking of devices with each other require an adaptable customer service with the corresponding service know-how. And this is precisely where Servicum comes in with its service.

But Servicum’s offering goes even further: it also includes nationwide installer capacities for installation, repair and maintenance, should things need to move quickly. In addition to the service partner network, the “Knowledge Center” in particular forms the heart of the service: this is where the necessary know-how is built up, consulting guidelines and service routines are developed, and knowledge is continuously intelligently networked and permanently stored. In the dynamic smart energy world, all industry participants can thus always stay up to date.

With the expanded epilot partner network, which in addition to service partners also includes, for example, consulting companies, system integrators or third-party apps, the energy industry can now draw on a broad portfolio of support in order to focus on its core business and develop new areas of business.

About Servicum

Servicum is a dedicated & interdisciplinary team with a passion for smart energy services. Servicum offers a service platform for manufacturers and users of smart energy components to take over the complete customer support in outsourcing as a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) service provider. The service consists of three components: An Omnichannel Contact Center – this means that all of today’s common media are served in almost all European languages for hotline service requests. A Field Service – where installer capacities for installation, repair and maintenance are maintained throughout Germany – and a Knowledge Center, which builds up the necessary service know-how. Further information: www.servicum.com

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