Multi-channel lead generation

epilot offers you a variety of high-performance frontends in the form of modern inquiry and closing journeys. With just a few clicks, you can completely customize the epilot frontends to your own design and easily integrate them into your web pages. Choose from powerful contact forms, web shops and customer journeys that will give your customers an easy start, especially for products requiring explanation. Thanks to the epilot frontends, you no longer miss a customer request and all potential customers come together in a central system. In this way, you will convert more prospects into customers and thus significantly increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Cross-selling through intelligent product bundles

The epilot frontends allow you to bundle your product portfolio in an attractive and intelligent way. It is possible to create customer journeys for product combinations to get the most out of your cross-selling potential. Offer your customers a storage solution for their solar system or supplement the electricity contract with a music streaming subscription - the possibilities are unlimited!

Highend frontends: Create contact forms, webshops and customer journeys in minutes

In addition to classic frontends, such as webshop and contact form, you can use our customer journey to generate leads. The customer journey poses simple questions which the customer can answer from scratch. Based on the answers, individual offers can be proposed to the customer and the cross-selling potential can be increased.

Extensive customization options through flexible and individual customizing

Whether it's the design or the content, adapt your customer journey completely to your preferences. What questions your customer should go through, how to approach him, whether prices should be displayed for your products or your the color, font and much more of your journey should be customized to your corporate design: the choice is yours. If you do not need an individual configuration, you can of course use predefined blueprints.

Simple and unlimited possibilities to integrate your high-end frontends

Integrate your frontends flexibly and simply via an HTML code in the most different places. Whether on your website or the website of your partners and service providers - your new digital customer contact points are on the net with one click. There are no limits to the number of uses.

Multi-product management

Manage many different products and options in epilot that allow you to configure custom product bundles. Increase your cross and up-selling potential to stay one step ahead of your competitors. With epilot, you always keep track of your products and processes despite a large product portfolio.

Extensive product portfolio and flexible product configuration

Flexibly expand your licensed products in epilot with just a few clicks. We are steadily extending the epilot product range, so that new epilot products that allow you to launch your new business models in minutes are constantly added. In our product configuration, you can flexibly create product packages and add attractive additional options. You can for example add music or video streaming and create custom product bundles that can increase your cross and up-selling potential.

Transparent pricing engine

With our epilot pricing engine, you can accurately map the price components of your products and customer offers. You can easily add cost components, for example, if additional costs for cable length and overvoltage protection occur when laying the house connection. Grant your customers individual discounts, for instance, for their own contributions in the field of earthwork, and thus increase customer loyalty. Your pricing has never been as transparent and simple as with epilot!

Flexible process management

It has never been easier to flexibly manage processes from end-to-end, integrating external partners. Within the epilot world, you can make use of best practice process patterns and easily adapt them to the requirements of your company. Add powerful task lists with internal and external responsibilities to individual process steps, bringing more speed, transparency and commitment into your customer processes.

Lead management

Assign customer inquiries to a responsible employee with one click and guarantee your customers the fastest possible processing of their product inquiries. The faster you react, the higher the likelihood of winning the customer - the clock is ticking!

Deal & opportunity management

Stay on top of things with extensive filter functions for a large number of customer inquiries. You can filter based on several criteria at the same time, e.g. by product, engineer, accountability and process status. The automatic storage of the filters also allows you to work more efficiently. You can thus save time and react quickly to customers. Shorter response time can also increase your customer satisfaction.

Escalation management

Use the epilot escalation management to work as efficiently as possible. No customer request is left undealt with and you can track each of your opportunities closely. Define specific time limits for each product and process step and ensure that each customer request is processed within a specific time window.

Visual Workflow

Keep track of all processes with our visually designed sales pipeline. You can see at a glance in which process step your customer request is located. This gives you a new kind of transparency in terms of responsibilities in your team and collaboration with your partners.

Customer-centric CRM

epilot is the next CRM generation to efficiently manage all customer management across end-to-end journeys for all products. The information about the customer is collected and stored centrally and automatically for all customer interactions. This creates a true 360​° view for a successful customer relationship and optimized cross- and upselling potential.

360° customer view

Store documents such as contracts, construction plans and meter photos centrally in epilot and thus create a real digital customer file to which you and your colleagues have access from anywhere at any time. By communicating with the end customer directly from epilot, you can ensure a smooth process between providers, end customers and partners. Thus, all parties receive the required information and documents at the right time.

KPI dashboard

Keep track of all your generated customer inquiries, new opportunities, and requested products! This will give you an overview of the key developments, new and historical leads, offers, generated orders, successful / unsuccessful opportunities and key conversions. Use these metrics to identify where there is still room for improvement in your business or where you are already doing well.

Integration of customer data

Easily import your existing customers' most important data from other systems. Your new leads are automatically entered into epilot in order to keep track of all current and potential customers and can manage them in a central end-to-end system.


The foundation of epilot is the networking between all involved parties in the process: the customer, the energy supplier or grid operator and the relevant service providers. Not only can you organize your tasks and process steps in collaboration with partners, but you can also handle the communication with your customers and your partners completely via epilot. If needed, you can also involve your partners in customer communication. This ensures a smooth process and never lets any of the parties lose track of to-dos and exchanged information.

Partner management

Invite your existing partners to the epilot cloud for free with just one click and integrate them into your processes as usual. At the same time, you can benefit from the epilot partner network and make new, profitable contacts. This is how the epilot partner network expands continuously. epilot enables you and your partners to handle your assignments and cooperation even more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Flexible task management

Access predefined task lists per product or create individual task lists for each of your products. You can either customize standard task lists according to the needs of your organization or create your own task lists - it's your choice! In addition, you can define responsibilities in the team for a transparent allocation of tasks so that everyone knows who is currently dealing with the opportunity.


Improve your personal communication towards the customer with the communication possibilities in epilot. In each opportunity, a user can contact the customer via epilot and integrate relevant partners into the communication for important questions. Regardless of whether status messages, requests for quotations or the transfer to partners: The complete message history is shown in epilot and can be retrieved at any time if required.

Central document management

Manage your documents centrally with epilot. This ensures that important documents such as terms of use and product information sheets are always stored in the latest version in the cloud and are available to all employees. You can directly access these documents within the opportunities, which enables a very efficient and fast workflow.


Transmission errors of data as well as manually written emails and documents to the customer are a thing of the past. With epilot, not onlylead generation and data storage in the cloud are automated, but also emails and documents are generated and sent automatically. epilot attaches particular importance to the combination of personal contact and automation in order to increase your customer satisfaction.

Automatic lead generation

Automatically generate leads by using the epilot frontends. By embedding the frontends on your website, you enable your customers to send direct product inquiries through contact forms or customer journeys. These requests generate automated leads in your epilot cloud with all information about your customers. In addition, a digital customer file with a 360° customer view is generated automatically, growing as part of the end-to-end process.

Event-based communication

Stay up to date on the latest status of your opportunities with automatic mailing in epilot. Do not miss any more messages from your customers and be informed about all important actions around them. If there are adjustments in the configuration of your packages, you receive an automatic email that describes the changes made. In addition, your customer will also receive automated and personalized confirmation and notification emails according to your previously defined processes.

Automatic document generation

Automatically generate customized documents that can be filled automatically using variable fields in epilot. This approach helps you communicate personally and at the same time avoid errors that can occur during manual transfer. Thus, your customer receives his personal offer with all the required information quickly and without manual effort. The epilot document engine thus enables you to work efficiently and quickly.

Customer self-service

Enable your customer to independently enter and change his contract data and information in the epilot end customer portal. In addition, your customer will get an overview of all his inquiries and contract details, which provides extra transparency and makes your work easier.


epilot is a new generation ecosystem in the market. We offer you a collaboration platform on which you can work with partners and customers in processes in a standardized and highly automated manner. The epilot ecosystem not only speeds up your business, it also simplifies it. All participants can work together on a process and adapt it to their individual needs in order to work as efficiently as possible.

Partner network

Invite your existing partners, such as craftsmen and sales partners, to the epilot cloud for free with one click and integrate them into your processes as usual. At the same time, you can benefit from the epilot partner network and create new, profitable contacts. Thus, the epilot partner network is expanding continuously and the ecosystem is growing.

Community intelligence

Take advantage of our community intelligence approach. When we develop a new product or feature, whether it's on our own or together with innovative development partners, then it is available to the entire community in the cloud. So you have the chance to bring in your own ideas and needs and at the same time benefit from the community.

Product packages of your partners

Access the product packages of your epilot partners directly for your customer offers. You can thereby expand your offer towards your end customers and cooperate in the most efficient way with all required actors.

Process-based and customized

Include any partner from the epilot network as a service provider for each product in individual process steps, thus enabling the ideal handling of customer inquiries. For example, hand over the process step of installing a solar system to your partner. At the same time you can include packages, additional options and customizations with a few clicks. You can therefore offer each of your customers tailor-made products and product bundles, which are exactly adapted to the respective customer needs.


By connecting best-in-class solutions, the scope of services of epilot can be extended by individual demands. With epilot, you can easily integrate not only partners, but also IT systems to cover the entire end-to-end process from lead to billing.

Powerful integration layer

Easily connect external IT systems using standard APIs. With our renowned partner Axon iVY we also offer you a BPM layer for integration into your IT landscape. You can therefore get our epilot cloud and the best-in-class BPM solution from a single source.

Connect anywhere

Our integration options give you the opportunity to unify your IT landscape - whether cloud solutions or on premise software! It is up to you which systems you want to connect to epilot.

Speaks any language

The ideal composition of epilot and Axon iVY's BPM Suite allows flexible integration of all file types and programming languages. Thus, epilot creates a new unified IT world.

Powerful SAP Connectors

The integration into your SAP modules is no longer a problem thanks to our standardized SAP connectors. The exchange of data between the systems is thus made possible and necessary information for the epilot end-to-end process can be integrated.

Recommended best-in-class partner

Axon iVY is one of the leading providers of intelligent BPM solutions. More than 1000 large corporations and SMEs of all industries worldwide use the Axon iVY BPM Suite. The success is reflected in the references: Axon iVY is listed as a visionary for intelligent BPM solutions in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and as a strong performer in the Forrester Wave Report. With this strong partner at our side, we offer you the best integrated end-to-end solution available on the energy market.

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