Transmission errors of data as well as manually written emails and documents to the customer are a thing of the past. With epilot, not only lead generation and data storage in the cloud are automated, but also emails and documents are generated and sent automatically. epilot attaches particular importance to the combination of personal contact and automation in order to increase your customer satisfaction.

Automatic lead generation

Automatically generate leads by using the epilot frontends. By embedding the frontends on your website, you enable your customers to send direct product inquiries through contact forms or customer journeys. These requests generate automated leads in your epilot cloud with all information about your customers. In addition, a digital customer file with a 360° customer view is generated automatically, growing as part of the end-to-end process.

Event-based communication

Stay up to date on the latest status of your opportunities with automatic mailing in epilot. Do not miss any more messages from your customers and be informed about all important actions around them. If there are adjustments in the configuration of your packages, you receive an automatic email that describes the changes made. In addition, your customer will also receive automated and personalized confirmation and notification emails according to your previously defined processes.

Automatic document generation

Automatically generate customized documents that can be filled automatically using variable fields in epilot. This approach helps you communicate personally and at the same time avoid errors that can occur during manual transfer. Thus, your customer receives his personal offer with all the required information quickly and without manual effort. The epilot document engine thus enables you to work efficiently and quickly.

Customer self-service

Enable your customer to independently enter and change his contract data and information in the e·pilot end customer portal. In addition, your customer will get an overview of all his inquiries and contract details, which provides extra transparency and makes your work easier.

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