The foundation of epilot is the networking between all involved parties in the process: the customer, the energy supplier or grid operator and the relevant service providers. Not only can you organize your tasks and process steps in collaboration with partners, but you can also handle the communication with your customers and your partners completely via e·pilot. If needed, you can also involve your partners in customer communication. This ensures a smooth process and never lets any of the parties lose track of to-dos and exchanged information.

Partner management

Invite your existing partners to the epilot cloud for free with just one click and integrate them into your processes as usual. At the same time, you can benefit from the epilot partner network and make new, profitable contacts. This is how the epilot partner network expands continuously. epilot enables you and your partners to handle your assignments and cooperation even more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Flexible task management

Access predefined task lists per product or create individual task lists for each of your products. You can either customize standard task lists according to the needs of your organization or create your own task lists – it’s your choice! In addition, you can define responsibilities in the team for a transparent allocation of tasks so that everyone knows who is currently dealing with the opportunity.


Improve your personal communication towards the customer with the communication possibilities in epilot. In each opportunity, a user can contact the customer via epilot and integrate relevant partners into the communication for important questions. Regardless of whether status messages, requests for quotations or the transfer to partners: The complete message history is shown in epilot and can be retrieved at any time if required.

Central document management

Manage your documents centrally with epilot. This ensures that important documents such as terms of use and product information sheets are always stored in the latest version in the cloud and are available to all employees. You can directly access these documents within the opportunities, which enables a very efficient and fast workflow.

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