Customer-centric CRM

epilot is the next CRM generation to efficiently manage all customer management across end-to-end journeys for all products. The information about the customer is collected and stored centrally and automatically for all customer interactions. This creates a true 360​° view for a successful customer relationship and optimized cross- and upselling potential.

360° customer view

Store documents such as contracts, construction plans and meter photos centrally in epilot and thus create a real digital customer file to which you and your colleagues have access from anywhere at any time. By communicating with the end customer directly from epilot, you can ensure a smooth process between providers, end customers and partners. Thus, all parties receive the required information and documents at the right time.

KPI dashboard

Keep track of all your generated customer inquiries, new opportunities, and requested products! This will give you an overview of the key developments, new and historical leads, offers, generated orders, successful / unsuccessful opportunities and key conversions. Use these metrics to identify where there is still room for improvement in your business or where you are already doing well.

Integration of customer data

Easily import your existing customers’ most important data from other systems. Your new leads are automatically entered into e·pilot in order to keep track of all current and potential customers and can manage them in a central end-to-end system.

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