epilot is a new generation ecosystem in the market. We offer you a collaboration platform on which you can work with partners and customers in processes in a standardized and highly automated manner. The epilot ecosystem not only speeds up your business, it also simplifies it. All participants can work together on a process and adapt it to their individual needs in order to work as efficiently as possible.

Partner network

Invite your existing partners, such as craftsmen and sales partners, to the epilot cloud for free with one click and integrate them into your processes as usual. At the same time, you can benefit from the epilot partner network and create new, profitable contacts. Thus, the epilot partner network is expanding continuously and the ecosystem is growing.

Community intelligence

Take advantage of our community intelligence approach. When we develop a new product or feature, whether it’s on our own or together with innovative development partners, then it is available to the entire community in the cloud. So you have the chance to bring in your own ideas and needs and at the same time benefit from the community.

Product packages of your partners

Access the product packages of your epilot partners directly for your customer offers. You can thereby expand your offer towards your end customers and cooperate in the most efficient way with all required actors.

Process-based and customized

Include any partner from the epilot network as a service provider for each product in individual process steps, thus enabling the ideal handling of customer inquiries. For example, hand over the process step of installing a solar system to your partner. At the same time you can include packages, additional options and customizations with a few clicks. You can therefore offer each of your customers tailor-made products and product bundles, which are exactly adapted to the respective customer needs.

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