Flexible process management

It has never been easier to flexibly manage processes from end-to-end, integrating external partners. Within the epilot world, you can make use of best practice process patterns and easily adapt them to the requirements of your company. Add powerful task lists with internal and external responsibilities to individual process steps, bringing more speed, transparency and commitment into your customer processes.

Lead management

Assign customer inquiries to a responsible employee with one click and guarantee your customers the fastest possible processing of their product inquiries. The faster you react, the higher the likelihood of winning the customer – the clock is ticking!

Deal & opportunity management

Stay on top of things with extensive filter functions for a large number of customer inquiries. You can filter based on several criteria at the same time, e.g. by product, engineer, accountability and process status. The automatic storage of the filters also allows you to work more efficiently. You can thus save time and react quickly to customers. Shorter response time can also increase your customer satisfaction.

Escalation management

Use the epilot escalation management to work as efficiently as possible. No customer request is left undealt with and you can track each of your opportunities closely. Define specific time limits for each product and process step and ensure that each customer request is processed within a specific time window.

Visual Workflow

Keep track of all processes with our visually designed sales pipeline. You can see at a glance in which process step your customer request is located. This gives you a new kind of transparency in terms of responsibilities in your team and collaboration with your partners.

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