Multi-channel lead generation

epilot offers you a variety of high-performance frontends in the form of modern inquiry and closing journeys. With just a few clicks, you can completely customize the epilot frontends to your own design and easily integrate them into your web pages. Choose from powerful contact forms, web shops and customer journeys that will give your customers an easy start, especially for products requiring explanation. Thanks to the epilot frontends, you no longer miss a customer request and all potential customers come together in a central system. In this way, you will convert more prospects into customers and thus significantly increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Highend frontends: Create contact forms, webshops and customer journeys in minutes

In addition to classic frontends, such as webshop and contact form, you can use our customer journey to generate leads. The customer journey poses simple questions which the customer can answer from scratch. Based on the answers, individual offers can be proposed to the customer and the cross-selling potential can be increased.

Cross-selling through intelligent
product bundles

The epilot frontends allow you to bundle your product portfolio in an attractive and intelligent way. It is possible to create customer journeys for product combinations to get the most out of your cross-selling potential. Offer your customers a storage solution for their solar system or supplement the electricity contract with a music streaming subscription – the possibilities are unlimited!

Extensive customization options
through flexible and individual customizing

Whether it’s the design or the content, adapt your customer journey completely to your preferences. What questions your customer should go through, how to approach him, whether prices should be displayed for your products or your the color, font and much more of your journey should be customized to your corporate design: the choice is yours. If you do not need an individual configuration, you can of course use predefined blueprints.

Simple and unlimited possibilities to integrate your high-end frontends

Integrate your frontends flexibly and simply via an HTML code in the most different places. Whether on your website or the website of your partners and service providers – your new digital customer contact points are on the net with one click. There are no limits to the number of uses.

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