Multi-product management

Manage many different products and options in epilot that allow you to configure custom product bundles. Increase your cross and up-selling potential to stay one step ahead of your competitors. With epilot, you always keep track of your products and processes despite a large product portfolio.

Extensive product portfolio and flexible product configuration

Flexibly expand your licensed products in epilot with just a few clicks. We are steadily extending the epilot product range, so that new epilot products that allow you to launch your new business models in minutes are constantly added. In our product configuration, you can flexibly create product packages and add attractive additional options. You can for example add music or video streaming and create custom product bundles that can increase your cross and up-selling potential.

Transparent pricing engine

With our epilot pricing engine, you can accurately map the price components of your products and customer offers. You can easily add cost components, for example, if additional costs for cable length and overvoltage protection occur when laying the house connection. Grant your customers individual discounts, for instance, for their own contributions in the field of earthwork, and thus increase customer loyalty. Your pricing has never been as transparent and simple as with e·pilot!

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