Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can easily analyze how your website and app users interact with your content to find out what’s resonating well and what’s not.

Through various reporting tools, you can gain insights into how customers interact with your website and apps, and easily share information within your organization. Google’s comprehensive statistics and machine learning algorithms enable you to realize the full potential of your data. Thanks to Google’s machine learning algorithms, you can draw completely new insights from your data – such as which users are likely to make a conversion or are particularly strong buyers.

An individual Google Analytics tracking ID can be stored in the epilot Customer Journey, which makes it possible to track the behavior of users in the Customer Journey in detail. For example, the effectiveness of advertisements (e.g., Google Search Ads, Display Ads, Youtube Ads) that redirect to the corresponding customer journey can be evaluated. In addition, potential drop-off points in the customer journey can be identified in order to optimize conversion.

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1. Februar 2023

Alles zum strategischen, technologischen und kulturellen Wandel im Rahmen der Energiewende.

Die epilot world stellt den interaktiven Erfahrungsaustausch in den Fokus. Dich erwartet ein spannender thematischer Mix aus Tech, Kultur und Strategie verpackt in einem Online-Format aus Panel-Diskussionen und Interviews mit Unternehmen wie E.ON One, Installion, badenova, PwC, EVM, Vaillant und vielen mehr.