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Digitization success of Monheimer Elektrizitäts- und Gasversorgung GmbH with strong partners

By using epilot, MEGA Monheim Elektrizitäts- und Gasversorgung GmbH has already noticed appreciable improvements within a very short time:

Since summer 2019, MEGA has been part of the epilot community as a municipal energy supplier and wants to take the next step in 2021.

What was the initial situation?

In order to thoroughly prepare the necessary digital steps, all standardized process steps first had to be recorded or defined. Because only when these fundamentals are carefully mapped, and the processes are also correctly recorded and lived in analog form, they can be digitized successfully. MEGA’s long-term goal is to simplify the internal processing of customer inquiries in order to noticeably reduce the workload of employees as the number of inquiries increases, while at the same time enhancing the customer experience. One way to do this is to offer conversion-optimized front ends to sell MEGA products and digitally expand and strengthen local touchpoints.
"In the first implementation phase, our goal was to place a customer journey for charging infrastructure - primarily for private customers - on our website. In this way, we were able to collect inquiries from the clientele on the 'digital path', in addition to our sales channels by telephone, e-mail and direct approach in our customer center. In this way, we want to address the clientele who inform themselves about our products independently and digitally."
Grit Köhler
Chief Sales Officer and Energy Procurement

MEGA Monheimer Elektrizitäts- und Gasversorgung GmbH has been a municipal energy supplier and innovative service provider for more than 100 years. The company focuses on forward-looking and intelligent infrastructure and creates a citizen-oriented energy transition from which people benefit directly on site. MEGA is a pioneer among municipal utilities in many areas: it successfully operates its own nationwide fiber-optic network right into private households. The expansion and promotion of e-mobility and smart meters for citizens who want to consciously control their energy consumption are also part of this. And these are just a few of the forward-looking projects.

Fields of application of epilot:

Company size:
> 100 employees
Monheim on the Rhine


Customer Journeys & Contact Forms

Software as a Service promotes innovation. This fact is best illustrated by customer testimonials that set new standards with cloud computing systems. If you would like to talk to our customer personally, you can request contact here.
Collectively, we quickly found a common denominator and started the implementation. Both the onboarding at MEGA and the ongoing support from epilot went very well: the response time for requests is very short and there is always an epilot employee on hand to give us advice and support."
Grit Köhler
Chief Sales Officer and Energy Procurement

What was implemented with epilot?

The topics of charging infrastructure and heating are already online for MEGA customers, while the electricity and gas products as well as digital home connections are still being implemented. The next step is to implement the customer journey for the MEGAtherm heating service (heating contracting). In addition, the content of the customer journey and the underlying process steps are constantly reviewed, analyzed, and adjusted if necessary.

This has already paid off: Since the implementation of the Customer Journey for charging infrastructure at the end of June 2020, MEGA has seen an increase in inquiries of more than 50 percent by January 2021 – the company had not expected this quickly visible success. This is mainly due to the automatically sent e-mails, thanks to which the customer receives direct feedback on a request. From MEGA’s point of view, that’s a big plus when it comes to handling requests. Thanks to the epilot system and the clean input and assignment of the individual leads, their processing can also be distributed among several shoulders. The clear possibility to digitize and automate the internal and external processes according to the customer requests is another advantage.

MEGA also appreciates the regular user exchange within the epilot community as a significant added value. In this way, the company always learns about new or different implementation options from the field. The active use of epilot within MEGA has also led to existing (and new) process steps being scrutinized more closely and processes in general being considered and optimized more frequently.

Outlook for the future

Although the house connection was not a focus at the beginning of the collaboration, it is now part of the overall concept. In the future, MEGA intends to focus strongly on green electricity sales, also in combination with other products such as broadband.

epilot is another building block in MEGA's (automated) digitization strategy and in the company's own partner network: the green power front end is designed by the consulting company eClou. This data is then fed into epilot. eClou had already created a product configurator for MEGA in 2017 and had previously also implemented the digital ordering processes in the area of electricity and multimedia. The companies epilot and eClou are now bundling their competencies at MEGA to create synergies for marketing, for example to realize bundled products (charging infrastructure + green electricity + PV + multimedia + Spotify etc.).

On the subject of house connections, there is cooperation with envelio, who offer an automatic network compatibility check, which increases the speed of the process. Here, too, the two partners envelio and epilot are to be linked.

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Marlon Hütten

Chief Sales Officer

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