Pilot project: SWS Netze Solingen GmbH digitizes commissioning process with epilot

April 16, 2020

In the past, we have already digitized the house connection process with SWS Netze Solingen GmbH as a part of a pilot project, which has made the entire process of connecting to the network operator much more convenient and efficient. Now, we are going one step further together: as a participant in the epilot pilot group, the subsidiary of Stadtwerke Solingen is also digitizing its commissioning process with epilot. The project involves the creation of a seamless link of the digital house connection solutions to the commissioning process, digitizing the forms and setting up an installer directory with an own self-service area for installers. This increases efficiency, leads to more transparency and better traceability for the user.


If you also want to participate in the pilot project, simply register here.


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