Digital energy transition
made simple.


Whether you’re a provider of renewable and energy-efficient solutions, an energy supplier, or a grid operator, epilot helps you scale your B2C and B2B business in the context of the energy transition.


With customers, employees and partners in one platform, you combine modern customer experiences with efficient collaboration management. Tailored to your business.


You can use epilot as a complete solution or modularly: At the customer interface, you use epilot to record inquiries digitally. Or sell your products and services online with just a few clicks. You manage incoming inquiries in a transparent 360° view. Automated workflow management makes collaboration with your partners more efficient. And with a modern customer portal, you can expand your customer potential.

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Everything tailored to your business.

With high flexibility you adapt the platform individually to your application area. And that on a 100% no-code basis.

With our best-practice templates for your business model, you can get started with epilot in no time.


With our best-practice templates for your business model, you can start with epilot in no time.

Popular application areas

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Energy Solutions

With epilot, you can sell your energy solutions digitally and implement processes efficiently. And scale your sales of photovoltaic systems, storage, charging infrastructure, heat pumps and more.

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Win, inspire, and retain customers – with epilot, you build the bridge from the classic commodity business to a holistic product strategy. With flexible bundling, rate calculator, customer portal, contract management and other functions.


Network processes

House connection, commissioning, registration of procurement and generation systems, installer directory and portal: With epilot, you can digitally map your entire network processes in a user-friendly way.

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Your epilot

Thanks to high flexibility, any process, any product and any service can be easily digitized with epilot. No matter how complex. See for yourself in a demo how epilot can help you.


Even beyond the energy transition.

Digital, efficient and customer-friendly: Let's accelerate the energy transition.

Cloud Software zur Digitalisierung der Energiewirtschaft, epilot Mitarbeiter bietet Hilfe

360° complete solution

epilot is a complete solution, with which you can digitalize your processes holistically. And make it more customer-friendly and efficient throughout.

Attract, impress
and retain customers

With epilot you manage your customers throughout the entire lifecycle: You acquire new customers with user-friendly epilot Journeys. And expand your existing customers in the interplay of a 360° view and our customer portal.

Digitalisierung von Prozessen und Installateurportal mit epilot - Illustration der Funktionen: Workflow konfigurieren, Aufgabenübersicht, Automatisierung

Efficiently manage collaboration, products and services

With epilot, manual work steps, decentralized communication and list maintenance via Excel & Co are a thing of the past. You manage workflows digitally from end to end, integrating your partners. And link them intelligently with your products and services.

Customize and extend platform

You adapt epilot to your needs with flexible data modeling and connection to third-party systems. Or you develop your own applications on epilot via the epilot SDK.

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