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epilot as energy service software of Stadtwerke Hamm GmbH

By using epilot, Stadtwerke Hamm has already noticed remarkable improvements within a very short time:

Success Story Hamm

Stadtwerke Hamm has been part of the epilot community for more than two years and successfully uses the epilot eCommerce Cloud as a central solution for its sales of energy services.

What was the initial situation?

Even though Stadtwerke Hamm has a very broad portfolio of energy services, customers and interested parties were often unaware of the large number of offerings. The digital, sales-oriented approach was not yet optimally exploited despite existing tools. Even completely paperless processing of inquiries and subsequent process steps was not yet fully feasible, because until then there was no digital end-to-end solution for automating all work steps – from lead generation to technical processing to order implementation. Therefore, the workload for the employees of Stadtwerke Hamm was time-consuming and thus costly. Stadtwerke Hamm wanted to change that!

"As a regional utility, we have always advertised our EDL through traditional print and online channels. But we know we need to reach our customers in real time to meet their sense of entitlement."
Jochen Hille
Jochen Hille
Head of Energy Services

The goal of Stadtwerke Hamm was to handle all energy services from one system and to enable time savings in day-to-day business by digitizing internal processes. The system should also support a continuous expansion of the product portfolio. Online visibility for prospects and customers should be increased via a central platform supported by the company’s own landing page in order to reach customers in real time and from anywhere and offer them attractive eCommerce-style offers


Stadtwerke Hamm GmbH is a strong partner for the citizens and companies in Hamm and the region – both as a high-performance provider of electricity, drinking water and heat and as an operator of local public transport, the baths and the port.

€292 million
Company size:
850+ employees

Fields of application of epilot:


Customer Journeys & Contact Forms

Software as a Service promotes innovation. This fact is best illustrated by customer testimonials that set new standards with cloud computing systems. If you want to learn more, contact us. We are also happy to arrange contact with our references.

"The interactive combination of different products and the sales process running in the background with customer contact, as well as the ability to store customer data and interests centrally, is exactly what we need."
Jochen Hille
Jochen Hille
Head of Energy Services

What was implemented with epilot?

Stadtwerke Hamm has been using epilot’s eCommerce cloud since September 2018. They started with the use cases heating contracting (hammerWÄRME) and photovoltaics (energieDACH) and supplemented solar storage (energieSPEICHER) in 2019. After onboarding, in which products, processes and order lines were configured, customer inquiries could be handled digitally with epilot within a very short time – and without having to use additional folders, files or systems.

During the introduction of epilot, Stadtwerke Hamm found it particularly positive that all settings and adjustments could be made directly in the department. The user-friendly handling led to a high acceptance of the new solution among the employees – and if there were any questions, the epilot support was always there with quick assistance. Stadtwerke Hamm first configured its products and then various intuitive customer journeys and contact forms in the epilot employee portal. With just a few clicks, the epilot iFrames were positioned on the new landing pages for the energieDACH and hammerWÄRME offerings. The new click sections were also accompanied by a Google Ads campaign with target-group-specific customer targeting to attract more visitors to the Stadtwerke Hamm website. A cross-selling approach was also implemented: When an inquiry is made about a solar system, the customer is asked whether he is also interested in a storage system.

Another key element for Stadtwerke Hamm is the integration of market partners via epilot – so the installation of the solar system or heating can be handed over directly to the technical partner, with efficient and transparent processes for all involved. Customer journeys were also placed on the websites of Stadtwerke Hamm’s existing partners, opening up additional channels. By opting for the epilot Cloud, Stadtwerke Hamm has not only taken a big step into the digital energy world, but has also become part of the epilot community. At regular community meetings, they exchange ideas with other epilot customers in order to provide impulses for product development and to give each other new ideas for innovative EDL sales and other areas of application for epilot.

Stadtwerke Hamm GmbH

Outlook for the future

The joint digital journey of epilot and Stadtwerke Hamm continues: the digitization of charging infrastructure sales and energy certificates will be implemented next.

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Marlon Hütten

Head of Sales

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