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New digital strategy with digital home connection at SWS Energie GmbH

By using epilot, SWS Energie GmbH has already noticed appreciable improvements within a very short time:

With epilot, Stadtwerke Stralsund (SWS) wants to expand its digital strategy in the long term. The basis was laid with the grid connection portal for power & gas.

What was the initial situation?

In the past, SWS took a rather analog and labor-intensive approach to the issue of house connections: all processes were managed manually in lists without having a CRM system behind them. The workflow: not digitized. It was only possible for customers to apply for a house connection in paper form. Another hurdle: The house connection process was implemented too technically and thus too complex for the customer. All in all, this is not a particularly customer-friendly way to apply for a house connection. SWS wanted to change that.
"We have the ambition to handle unavoidable necessities as simply as possible and to offer the customer an uncomplicated solution. It is time for us as an energy supply company to enter the digital future with modern solutions."
Nils Methling
Nils Methling
Business Development Manager
They had recognized: Customer expectations have changed dramatically in recent years. Today’s customers expect new and, above all, digital business models. This development was additionally accelerated by new competitors and new available technologies.

The goal of SWS: a digitization of processes after lead generation. This is why epilot came into play as a central element in the digitization strategy. As part of the new orientation, SWS also wanted to establish a different target image as a municipal utility: In the future, SWS wanted to be self-organized, customer-centric, lean and transparent, flexible, agile, honest and open, and focus more on its customers. To achieve this objective, they relied on four interlocking work packages and milestones: External presentation, sales strategy, customer loyalty and digital portals.

The first steps toward a new digitization strategy for SWS were as follows: A portal solution for processes and interfaces to the customer was required that was capable of increasing customer satisfaction while being easy to use and flexible. It was also desired to make the handling of processes more efficient and transparent and to optimize internal workflows. After all, these bundled objectives should also contribute to the further development of the company and be an investment in its own future viability.
SWS Energie GmbH is an energy service provider for the Hanseatic city of Stralsund and the surrounding region. SWS is part of the Stadtwerke Stralsund group of companies. This is a high-performance, environmentally oriented and innovative integrated company and has developed into the leading multi-utility infrastructure service provider in Stralsund and the surrounding region. The company is focusing on growth through strong partnerships and close cooperation. This results in cost and efficiency improvements that are passed on to all customers in the form of price benefits

Fields of application of epilot:

€ 71 million (2019)
Company size:
65 employees


Integrations with epilot:

SIV Integration

Customer Journeys & Contact Forms

Software as a Service promotes innovation. This fact is best illustrated by customer testimonials that set new standards with cloud computing systems. If you want to learn more, contact us. We are also happy to arrange contact with our references.

The order route and the complete processing of order and customer management in the background runs via epilot. So here we can be sure that no order or customer inquiry is lost and everything is automatically transferred to our customer management system. This leads to better customer service and more efficient processes. The intuitive handling and online-based processing of the house connection process will save our customers a lot of time in the future."
Nils Methling
Nils Methling
Business Development Manager

What was implemented with epilot?

Since August 2020 The customer is guided through the grid connection portal of Stadtwerke Stralsund with simple questions and can apply for his house connection with just a few clicks. The Lead generation via the frontend and qualification andoffer creation via the backend are already mapped via epilot.. In the future, also Billing and operation as phases to reduce the number of process steps. be integrated.

In the backend the respective process status for the employees at a view visible . In the future, SWS intends to Workflow the Lead generation and address the underlying processes just as efficiently. The first conclusion is positive: The Added value e for the SWS are already noticeable after a short time. The access to epilot and the operation of the portal for employees of the municipal utilities, but also their business partners, is intuitive.

Outlook for the future

The next joint steps have also already been determined: The interface to the ERP system kVASy of SIV AG is one of the next major milestones. The network connection portal is to be expanded as a short-term measure to optimize the customer experience and generate leads. For this purpose, it is planned to supplement the commissioning and also the registration of EEG plants. Thus, the portal is to be used as a powerful service provider and installer portal. New product and service modules are to be photovoltaics, storage or charging infrastructure, and possibly also telecommunications and broadband, for sales use. Bundling opportunities also offer SWS further potential.

In the long-term strategy, epilot also plays a key role in SWS's digitization efforts: Thus, epilot is to be fully developed into the leading solution for all non-commodity products of SWS, including the necessary SIV integration. All customer-related processes are to converge in epilot and all products offered are to be provided in a uniform manner. At the same time, epilot will also serve as a new and existing customer portal with an integrated rate calculator and other features.

Interview with Stralsund municipal utility

In the Product Talk, Nils Methling from the Stralsund public utility company speaks
with our eCommerce expert Marlon about the introduction of the
digital house connection process with epilot. In addition, Nils gives a
brief insight into the digitization strategy.


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