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Manage all products and services in processes, simply, digitally and customer centered

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epilot brings eCommerce to the energy world

With our conversion-optimized frontends, your customers can order energy products online just as easily as a pair of shoes. We enable you to manage the entire process from marketing to billing in digital end-to-end processes, integrating all process-relevant partners and software solutions.

eCommerce Frontends

Customer Journey: Turn energy products and services into digital experiences. Set up your customer touch points within minutes and integrate them into your landing pages, as well as into your partners’ websites. Invite your prospects to a journey, guiding them with simple yet specific questions towards their targeted offer.


Bundling: The energy space is changing rapidly. With smart project bundles you quickly adapt to these changes, and monetize cross-selling potential: combine offers of solar and storage with charging and internet. Your imagination is the limit.

Process & customer management

Digital end-to-end processes: epilot offers maximum transparency spanning from the first customer interaction to billing. Market and manage your energy products: commodity, non-commodity and grid.


Advanced CRM: 360° view of your customers and your opportunities. Communicate with your customers and prospects, manage tasks and partners, generate documents, share comments, and collaborate along the entire value chain.

Ecosystem of partners & integrations

Partnering: The epilot cloud lets you integrate your current partners very easily, for free: think LinkedIn for business relationships. Furthermore, you are invited to tap into the growing global epilot network, from sales, to installation, to maintenance and more: for each link in the value chain you will find the right partner.


Community intelligence: We constantly push the boundaries and release new products and features. As a pilot partner and as part of the community you benefit from this continuous development.


Integrations: To unify your IT landscape, you can flexibly integrate external IT systems in epilot, for example SAP solutions for integration of the billing process or solutions such as geo-information systems. Our integration layer which we offer together with our best-in-class partner Axon iVY enables integrations via standard connectors as well as customer-specific APIs.

End-to-end process with partner integration


September 1, 2020

Mit und epilot auf Knopfdruck Solaranlagen bestellen

Viele Verbraucher stellt die Beantragung einer Photovoltaikanlage vor Herausforderungen bezüglich Angaben zur Dachausrichtung und Neigung sowie Einfall der...

August 18, 2020

Webinar on the Registration of Supply and Generation Plants

In a pilot project we work on making the registration of supply and generation plants more efficient and digital. Classical paper-based registration forms will...

August 6, 2020

epilot Webinar on 18 August: Registration of Supply and Generation Plants

The demand for charging stations and PV systems has increased enormously in recent years. This offers a lot of potential for energy suppliers, but also means a...

August 4, 2020

epilot Feature: Digital Credit Assessment Boniversum Integrated in epilot

Boniversum is the subsidiary of Creditreform AG and is an experienced credit agency that supplies companies with credit assessments of private persons. epilot...

August 3, 2020

Happy Birthday, epilot!

Today we are celebrating the third anniversary of epilot. Despite Corona, our development continued at a rapid pace in its third year: We are now an...

July 30, 2020

Third Stop of the Webinar Summer: epilot-Commissioning

In the third part of our webinar series, our experts Hannes and Ben talked about the topic of commissioning today. Together with a pilot group, we are working...

July 23, 2020

epilot Webinar About Commissioning on 30.07.

The next stop of our epilot webinar summer will be on July 30th at 11am: we will talk to you in 60 minutes about the topic of commissioning. The commissioning...

July 16, 2020

For a Better Customer Experience!

Our experts Philipp and Marlon presented the epilot customer portal and our vision in today’s webinar. In the age of Google, Siri and Co. a customer...

July 9, 2020

epilot Webinar: Meet our Customer Portal on the 15.07.!

We want to bring a new customer experience to the energy world and increase the process efficiency of energy suppliers and network operators. With the epilot...

July 7, 2020

epilot in the ZfK: “End-to-End Digitization for Internet Providers”

We cooperate with tktVivax in order to simplify the distribution and processing of broadband connections and make it more efficient. By combining our...

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