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Attract, impress and retain customers – with epilot, you can go from an energy supplier to an eCommerce provider for more than just commodities.

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Benefits at a glance

Create product worlds

With the epilot software you bring your commodity products together with non-commodities. And market them nationwide. You sell product bundles and act as a “one-face-to-the-customer” across all product lines.

Higher agility

eCommerce means reacting agilely to customer requests and testing new products iteratively. With epilot you are independent due to no-code configurations and thus quickly implement new ideas.

Better customer experience

User-friendly rate calculators as well as self-service and cross-selling in the modern customer portal. Take your customer experience to a new level and engage your customers for the long term.

More efficient service processes

Self-service in the epilot customer portal and a transparent 360° view of all customer data: This is how you leverage inefficiencies in customer service.


Modern tariff calculator -
configured by yourself

Thanks to epilot, there is no need for costly individual programming. You create electricity and gas tariff calculators in your corporate design on a no-code basis. Mobile-optimized, with integrated credit check and connection to common pricing databases.

Illustration - Product selection
Illustration - Cross Selling

More than just power and gas

You want to bundle a power tariff with a wallbox? Offer the latest games console or an annual pass to the local swimming pool as an add-on to a gas tariff? With a few clicks, you create all the products and services you want to sell. Including integration of eCommerce fulfillment or technical partners.

Flexible tariff changes

In times of energy price crises and dynamic market changes, flexibility is a must – in epilot, you adjust tariffs directly at the customer interface in real time with just a few clicks and thus react quickly to current developments. Via APIs and CSV upload, you can accurately map regional price differences.


Change of payment plans, relocation, meter reading entry, etc.: With the epilot customer portal, your customers can solve their inquiries by themselves, even on the go with their smartphone.

made easy

A 360° view of the customer in combination with our customer portal allows you to easily provide your customers with complementary product offers.

System agnostic

No matter which third-party systems you use, you can flexibly connect them to epilot thanks to modern APIs and webhooks.

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Dabei werden wir mit Impulsvorträgen die gesamte Bandbreite der Energiewirtschaft beleuchten und in anschließenden Panel-Diskussion unter anderem mit Mainova, SAP, Einhundert Energie, Solarize, EON und badenova über die wichtigsten Pfeiler der Energiewende sprechen und mit dir in den Erfahrungsaustausch gehen.
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