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How does AWS technically ensure data protection in the cloud?

epilot Tech Talk with AWS (Part 2)

The second part of the Tech Talk with Gerald Boyne from AWS is about data protection: How can I move my data securely and compliantly into the cloud? What technical measures do customers, but also AWS, need to take to ensure data protection in the cloud? Encryption is the main criterion to ensure proper data protection. But what encryption techniques does AWS use? And how is my data prevented from being lost in the event of a fire in the data center? 00:14 Intro Gerald Boyne, AWS 01:53 Data protection in the cloud: how does AWS technically ensure data security? 02:22 Encryption is Key – what methods are available for customers? 4:28 What encryption technology does AWS use? (Encryption at-rest) 07:34 Can the master key legally reside with AWS/the provider? 09:06 How does AWS ensure that data is not lost e.g.: due to fire in the data center? 12:17 Encryption in-transit: Does AWS manage customer certificates? And what else is part of it? 14:29 How has Covid-19 affected traffic on AWS? Is there a trend towards the cloud? 16:35 What is Amazon’s carbon footprint? 18:17 Outro

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