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As a leading IT company, GET AG and its approximately 90 employees have been collecting industry-relevant data since 2000, preparing it and developing software to enable customers to use it for everyday market requirements. Thanks to its expertise in setting up and operating online portals, the Leipzig-based company offers market participants and consumers attractive platforms in e-commerce. With the Cockpit, an intuitive cloud application for market analysis, product calculation and sales management was established on the electricity and gas market. More than 500 customers and partners from the IT and energy industry rely on the services and competences of GET AG.

The connection of the GET-AG solution to epilot makes it possible to determine the current network usage tariff and the associated network usage costs (network charge, metering prices, levies, concession fee as well as taxes for standard load profile customers and power metered consumers) for each German location or network operator on an address-specific basis.

In epilot predefined components are filled with GET-AG data. In the epilot Customer Journey, an availability check of the packages is carried out after the customer has entered the geo-data. If the packages are available, an API transfers the GET-AG data and the prices are transmitted directly into the Journey.

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