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As one of the leading providers for IT implementation in the energy supply industry, INTENSE AG advises and supports energy suppliers in optimizing their business models and building a customer-oriented customer journey. With its Billing as a Service solution, INTENSE AG also offers the possibility to design the basis for an optimized, competitive customer experience with modern billing solutions.

INTENSE AG as solution and system integration partner of epilot is the development and integration partner to establish customer experience functions sustainably in the system landscape/platform of the EVU.

The cooperation between epilot and INTENSE AG focuses on the efficient integration of billing systems in order to benefit from the digital marketing potential on the epilot cloud platform. Individual product offerings can thus be implemented with a high degree of automation in the shortest possible time. With INTENSE AG as a partner, the transformation from energy supplier to holistic platform provider is accompanied with the help of epilot cloud solutions. Together, we are digitizing the business models of utilities and the customer journey of their customers.

At epilot world, Jonathan Klotz (INTENSE AG) and Kerstin Schliebe (Gates IT) presented an eCommerce Customer Journey and vividly demonstrated how the components (building blocks) of different vendors can be seamlessly and efficiently integrated into a future-oriented, hybrid architecture. – click here for the recording.

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