Data Lake
and Business

Benefit from comprehensive data, analyze your potential and optimize your processes

Profitable analyses thanks to concrete data

All data received by epilot, as well as overarching data on process flows, is collected centrally. They enable you to perform a wide range of analyses to uncover optimization potential and make targeted decisions. In this way, you increase sales, reduce costs and minimize risks.

Connection to BI solutions

The epilot Data Lake can be easily connected to external business intelligence applications such as Tableau, Power Bl or Qilk for comprehensive analyses.

The epilot data lake and artificial intelligence

Data lakes create the foundation for the use of analyses with AI. This allows you to create forecasts and simulations and recognize anomalies.

Generic solutions such as OpenAl cannot provide reliable energy-specific answers. The epilot Data Lake is therefore needed to make helpful predictions based on comprehensive data .

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Cloud Software zur Digitalisierung der Energiewirtschaft, epilot Mitarbeiter bietet Hilfe

Use Cases for the epilot Data Lake

Identify sales potential for cross-selling and upselling, e.g. for energy services: Which electricity customers are interested in photovoltaics or might be interested in storage or wallboxes?

Exploiting potential via trend and portfolio analysis

Recognizing and reacting to migration tendencies and reasons

Optimize cross-divisional processes and plan capacities

Planning maintenance in advance

Sharpen target group understanding and optimize customer approach

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