Data modeling
made easy.

Every company is different – adapt the epilot data structure flexibly to your use case with individual business objects, whether electricity and gas, network processes or energy solutions.

Create custom business objects

Customers, accounts, opportunities and orders are standard business objects in epilot. In addition, you can flexibly create additional business objects. Regardless of whether you manage your business in terms of buildings, plants or other objects, you can use epilot to cover your exact use case.

Adapt data structures

For each business object you can create fields. In addition to a high number of standard fields, customization is also possible with field types such as date, single-choice or multi-choice inputs.

Evaluate data

You either evaluate data directly via epilot dashboards, export CSV tables or send your data to third party systems via webhooks & APIs.

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You would like to learn more about business objects and data modeling in epilot? in epilot?

Selina Mischke

Business objects features at a glance

Standard Business Objects:

Customers, accounts, opportunities, contracts and orders.

Individual business objects:

Individual configuration of new business objects.

Customization of data views:

Customization of fields and field types per business object.

Relationships among business objects:

Transparent representation of relationships between different business objects.

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