Digital workflows
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Complex processes can be easily digitized and automated with epilot. This minimizes manual efforts and shortens process cycle times.

Illustration - Header workflow & automation
Illustration - Header workflow & automation
Illustration - Workflow configurator

Processing of workflows in day-to-day business

After configuration, epilot shows you clearly what the status of your workflows is. You know at any time what your next task is, which tasks are due at what time and with what urgency, and you have insight into relevant to dos of your colleagues and partners.

Workflow automation

With epilot, you automate everything that can be automated: For example, the assignment of tasks or the sending of messages. Or triggering actions in external tools. Manual work steps can also be partially automated using predefined task lists with the epilot workflow management software.

You want to digitize and automate processes?

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Workflows & automation 
Business object features at a glance

Workflow Builder:

Configuration of process flows with sections and individual tasks.

Tasks Management:

Automatic assignment to employees, teams or partners. Indication of deadlines and urgencies.


Integration of automation rules in IFTTT logic: When trigger X happens, action Y is triggered.


Automatically send messages and generate documents using variable-based templates as part of workflows.

Interaction with products and services:

Triggering a specific workflow by purchasing or requesting a product or service.

Interaction with Journeys:

Triggering a specific workflow by submitting a Journey.

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