Success story

Digital house connection and commissioning:
How SWTE Netz intensively involves installers

By using epilot, SWTE Netz has already noticed appreciable improvements within a few months:

Success Story SWTE-Netz

Expand digital strategy in the long term

The foundation, consisting of thehouse connection portal and the digitalization of the commissioning process,was laid.

What was the initial situation?

  • Grid operator SWTE Netz started as a gas distribution grid operator in 2020

  • Additional takeover of the power distribution grid in the concession area at the beginning of 2021

  • Processes should be automated and digitalised from the outset in order to position the company for the future

The decision for epilot was quickly because according to Andre Freude, Head of Sales and Contract Management, not only do the agile cultures of the two companiesfit together very well, but also the requirements for the software solution and its performance.

"We had the advantage of starting digitally from the beginning, and we also didn't have to transfer any entrenched paper processes."

Andre Freude
Head of Grid Sales and Contract Management

What was implemented with epilot?

  • Since 2020, SWTE Netz has been processing new house connections for power and natural gas via epilot’s digital house connection portal
  • The entire house connection process is controlled automatically:End customers, installers and other parties involved, such as civil engineering companies, can upload documents, track appointments and view data paperlessly
  • A few months after the epilot journey went live: a total of around 1300 house connections handled completely digitally via portal and digital house connection process linked to SAP PM via epilot’s SAP connector
  • SWTE Netz was also a pilot partner for the development of the digital commissioning processto improve data quality and transparency and standardize processes overall
  • In the first 6 months after release: over 2600 commissioningscompleted via the portal
  • Since 2021 Journey of the commissioning portal available online, including the commissioning processes for power, gas and an renewable energy system
  • Different processes, e.g.meter installation, are also possible
  • According to Andre Freude, you can offer support to installersfor example by providing additional documentation on the specifications for metering concepts for generation and consumption systems


– Ensures a secure supply of power and natural gas for people in their region

– Since January 1, 2020: Takeover of the gas distribution grid in seven utilities municipalities as an independent grid operator

– Since January 1, 2021: Takeover of the power distribution grid as an independent grid operator

€15.3 million (2019)
Company size:
94 employees

Integrations with epilot:


Customer Journeys & Contact Forms

"A big advantage in the cooperation with epilot for us is also the active co-design of the solution as a pilot partner in order to achieve the best result together. In this way, we have future-proofed ourselves in the shortest possible time and can offer both customers and installers an optimal digital experience."

Andre Freude
Head of Grid Sales and Contract Management

For Freude transparency is a very important factor in the use of the portal: “Installers should be able to check the status of commissioning at any time,” he explains. SWTE Netz guarantees their customers a response to their request within three working days. “That’s definitely ambitious, and it won’t work without digitization,” Freude knows.

He points out that it was a particular challenge to take the market players along on the digital journey: “Installers like to fall back on familiar processes,” says Freude, describing the initial situation. In order to pick everyone up here, they involved various companies already in the pilot phase and simulated and tested various processes with them and incorporated their subsequent feedback. According to Freude, the installer advisor also plays a crucial role: “They know the topics in depth and pick up the installers accordingly.”

  • Installer directory also in cloud environment since 2022 to make it even easier to keep track of installer licenses – both licensees from the SWTE Netz area and external companies with guest concessions
  • Following on from the commissioning process, registrations of generation plants were also implemented using a digital registration form and workflow management

Webinar with SWTE Netz

With our eCommerce solution you can also efficiently map the digital house connection and seamlessly link the commissioning process. In a pilot group, we set up this process digitally with Andre Freude, Head of Network Sales & Contract Management from the network company of Stadtwerke Tecklenburger Land, among others. In the free webinar we will show you how the complete solution for Grid operators in the use case looks like.

SWTE Netz interview

At the epilot world Andre Freude and our product manager Johanna gave us an exclusive insight into the results of the commissioning pilot group. In the pilot project, the submission of commissioning applications and the installer directory with epilot was digitized.


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