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epilot as an energy transition Booster for Emscher Lippe Energie

By using epilot, ELE has already achieved noticeable improvements within a very short space of time:

More contracts concluded through modern end-to-end journeys

More leads and contracts were concluded thanks to the website redesign, digitaln click pathn and internal service wiki.

What was the initial situation?

  • Alte structures and a static environment led to the retention of a tried and tested IT landscape 
  • Bore or less all processes, from calculations to project management, were carried out using the simplest software tools such as Microsoft Excel 
  • This meant that employees had no opportunity to benefit from supporting automation processes or interface tools 
  • Dynamic market environment and the desire to scale sales activities triggered the search for suitable software  
  • Desire to be able to reactfaster and more agiletochanging customer needs due to technological advances and digitalization  

"It was clear that we could no longer continue to work in this way. We are an established supplier and want to become stronger with young products in our core area - but the fact that we rely so little on the advantages of modern cloud software for internal processes was no longer acceptable."

Fabian Held
Distribution B2C

Emscher Lippe Energy

Since 1999
Primary care provider for Bottrop, Gelsenkirchen and Gladbeck

375 million
Company size:
278 employees (2022)

Customer Journeys & Contact Forms

"It makes our work much easier to have a single software solution for everything. From the initial customer inquiry to planning and communication with the installer, everything runs via the epilot platform, which saves us a lot of time and manual work."

Bernhard Meyer
Distribution B2C

What was implemented with epilot?

  • Website relaunch with intuitive customer journey embedded inresponsive design: customers are guided to their desired product with a few simple questions  
  • SAll relevant information now in 360 degree overview e.g.  Customer data and inquiries regarding a product, including important status or milestone details 
  • The first joint project was in the field of e-mobility and was online after just six weeks 
  • ÜRequest a non-binding offer for a suitable wallbox via the ELE website: Click on the so-called   cost check asks for information such as the type of property or where exactly the charging solution is to be installed, wAfew clicks later, the interested party receives a quote 
  • All other click paths also work according to this pattern, such as for heat pumps: Here among other things Information about the type of house and its year of construction or the current heating source 
  • For specific noncommoditycustomer inquiries by phone or e-mail, employees are helped by an internal service wiki, which is also linked to the epilot Journey technology for call center agents was configured 
  • It shows the complete product range, allowing employees to identify the right product based on specific questions and answers 
  • The system is equipped with special logic so that the product selection is linkedto the customer’s corresponding data, making it quick and easy to follow up.up with answers, quotations, status messages or contacts is possible  
  • The initial conclusion is positive: After a short period of cooperation, the number of orders for wallboxes has increased, heat pumps and storage heaters

"Booster for the energy transition - epilot as ELE's internal consulting tool"

In an exciting presentation at the epilot Community Convention 2023, Johanna Groell and Bernhart Meyer spoke about the use of epilot as a booster for the energy transition at Emscher Lippe Energie. Simply enquire and gain exclusive insights.

Bernhard Meyer
Team leader ernergy+ (B2C sales)
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Johanna Groell
Sales Representative Electric Mobility B2C

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