Digital journeys
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Thanks to epilot, you can configure click paths to sell energy products and services or digitize applications and forms in just a few minutes without any programming knowledge.

Illustration - Header Journeys
Illustration - Header Journeys

Selling complex products and services easily

As soon as it goes beyond classic eCommerce articles, store systems reach their limits. With epilot Journeys, you guide prospective customers step by step through difficult purchasing decisions, for example when buying a solar system, wallbox or heat pump.


In the epilot Journeys, you submit additional offers, product recommendations or bundles to match the customer’s product selection. For example, you can combine and sell a wallbox with a EV tariff or heat pump contracting with a solar system.


You can use the Journeys wherever you like: Online and offline, on the website, on the tablet in the customer center or in direct sales. In addition to prospects and customers, service employees and partners also collect data via the Journeys.

Modern customer experience

epilot makes you attractive for digital-savvy target groups. The epilot journeys are designed mobile-first and conversion-optimized. For a uniform appearance, you can adapt the journeys exactly to your corporate design.

Seamless interaction of Journeys and epilot platform

Request sent… and then? What often ends up in the email inbox with traditional website click paths and forms is created or enriched as a structured data record in epilot without system breaks. The same data record can always be expanded/updated with the help of suitable post-qualification journeys.

Offering complex products and services in a user-friendly way: epilot Journeys make it possible.

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Journey features at a glance

Journey Builder:

Creation of journeys in a modular system. Selection and customization of elements such as date fields, upload fields, numeric or text fields, buttons. Preview in mobile and desktop version.

Journey Templates:

Optional use of best-practice templates for faster creation of click paths. Everything can be customized according to your own wishes.

Design Builder:

Configuration of colors, fonts and logo. Use of your own Material UI theme for advanced customization.

Journey Involvement:

Integration of the journeys via code on websites, e.g. full-page, inline or modal.

IFTTT and filter logics:

Intelligent logics for responding to user input and linking journeys with products and services.

Journey Automation:

Triggering processes by completing journeys, e.g. sending emails, starting workflows.

Product Availability Check:

Real-time mapping of the entered user address with the sales or network area.

Data validation:

Automatic validation of user entries, e.g. e-mail addresses, numerical entries, text entries.

eCommerce shopping cart system:

Online purchase of products with payment by PayPal, credit card, invoice or direct debit incl. IBAN validation.

Digital signature:

Completion of the journey with a digital signature, e.g. in the customer center or direct sales.

Performance Tracking:

Integration of tracking solutions to analyze user behavior and evaluate ads.

Structured data:

Transfer of submissions to the epilot platform without system interruption. Structured data creation, depending on the setting, e.g. as an order, inquiry, process.

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