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The epilot 360° view creates transparency for you, your colleagues and your partners. And in case of customer inquiries, you have the right answer ready in a few seconds.

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Central communication

You communicate with customers via an integrated messaging service. Variable-based templates for messages and documents automate your communication. You have your own mailbox and can access central mailboxes depending on role & rights settings – so no information is lost when colleagues are not available.

Collaboration in your team and with partners

With note-taking, tagging, and tasks, you collaborate as a team and with partners. The entire history for each customer can be viewed in the activity log.

Segment customers and exploit revenue potentials

epilot helps you understand and grow your customers. Use tags to segment your customers. Combining a customer management and eCommerce approach, you submit exciting offers directly through the customer portal.

Flexible deployment online, on the phone and on site

Some customers prefer to call or go to the customer center instead of using the customer portal? epilot also helps with this: You use forms that guide your customer service agents through standard processes on the phone in a targeted manner. This way, no information is lost. In the customer center, you use the forms on tablets – so customers can enter their data directly themselves.

Take a holistic view of customers and make service processes more efficient with epilot.

Cloud software for the digitalisation of the energy industry, epilot employee offers help

CRM & Customer Service features at a Glance

360° view:

Collection of all customer data and interactions in one central location.

Click sections:

Use of epilot Journeys as multi-step forms for service employees and customers in the customer center.


Message exchange with customers and partners, also automated via message templates. User mailbox and central corporate mailbox. Integration with existing mailing systems.

Document Management:

Central collection of documents with assignment to customers, accounts, transactions and other business objects.


Collaborate with colleagues and partners via notes, tagging, messages, task assignments.


Assignment of labels, e.g. for segmenting customers or grouping documents, products and services.

Self-service via customer portal:

Self-service for processes such as data changes, payment method customization, status tracking.

Cross-selling via customer portal:

Placement of product and service offers with the option of online conclusion in the customer portal.

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