Success story

Foresight with epilot as a tool in the network area

With a cloud platform for rapid implementationof the network portal 

What was the initial situation?

  • House connection and other network processes manually and time-consumingprocessed manually by paper and e-mail
  • Unclear and inefficient collections of customer data, requests and applications applications
  • Desire to implement the digitalization and standardization of network registration processes required by law

"None of us are IT people and still have it
independently within a very short time. We are obliged to present a platform for processing in the coming year anyway, so it was clear to us that we would opt for a cloud-based, holistic and user-friendly solution that we could customize to our needs.
and expand - and for which we do not need IT resources for implementation."

Eckhard Hage 
Head of Functional Area Electricity

Huntetal municipal utilities

Reliable energy supplier and grid operator in the region for Diepholz, Barnstorf, Rehden and Wagenfeld for over 100 years

Operate two outdoor pools and one indoor pool

97.3 million
Company size:
130 employees

Customer Journeys & Contact Forms

"In addition to flexible customizability, this is a factor that makes the epilot network portal stands out from comparable solutions: Data is not only recorded, but can also be processed efficiently and transparently in a digital file." 

Jonas Kautz
Network management competence team

What was implemented with epilot?

  • Launch of the web portal: Thanks to templates included in epilot for independent editing of the required click paths, eight completed journeys around 14 days after kick-off
  • Legally compliant grid portal based on the BDEW guidelines
  • After the network portal, the customer portal was configured within a month and then introduced
  • Work processes for grid connection, EEG systems (e.g. CHP, biomass, photovoltaic and wind power systems), changes to customer systems (e.g.(e.g. uninstalling photovoltaic systems) and registration of electrical systems (e.g.e.g. balcony power plants) are fully digitized
  • Customer data, documents etc. are stored in a digital file and cannot be lost
  • Customers can now independently add their data, submit documents or inquire about the process status
  • Employees are relieved despite a high volume of inquiries and orders
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Marlon Hütten

Chief Sales Officer

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