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In epilot, you can flexibly adapt data structures to your use cases. And extend the range of functions via the connection of third-party solutions and the epilot SDK.

Business objects

Every company is different – flexibly adapt the epilot data structure to your use case with individual business objects.


The epilot app store is continuously being expanded. If you want the integration to be customized to your needs, make use of our APIs and our webhook service.


With the software development kityou develop own applications for your company on epilot. Embed epilot features into your own solution. Or develop solutions for the epilot App store, which you make available to all epilot customers.

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Customize epilot with your own extensions.

Selina Mischke

Everything tailored to your business.

epilot is industry-agnostic. With high flexibility, you adapt the platform individually to your use case. On a 100% no-code basis.

With our best-practice templates for your business model, you’ll be up and running with epilot in no time.

Popular use cases

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energy solutions

With epilot, you sell your energy solutions digitally and implement processes efficiently. You can scale your sales of photovoltaic systems, storage, charging infrastructure, heat pumps and more.



Acquire, impress, and retain customers – with epilot, you go from being an energy supplier to an eCommerce provider for more than just commodities. With a tariff calculator, customer portal, contract management and other features.

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Grid processes

House connection, commissioning, registration of micro power plants and charging infrastructure, installer directory and partner portal: With epilot, you can digitalize your entire grid processes in a user-friendly way.

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Your epilot

High flexibility makes it easy to digitalize any process, product or service with epilot. No matter how complex. See for yourself in a demo how epilot can help you.

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31. Januar 2024

DAS digitale Branchenevent öffnet seine digitalen Türen am 31. Januar!

Dabei werden wir mit Impulsvorträgen die gesamte Bandbreite der Energiewirtschaft beleuchten und in anschließenden Panel-Diskussion unter anderem mit Mainova, SAP, Einhundert Energie, Solarize, EON und badenova über die wichtigsten Pfeiler der Energiewende sprechen und mit dir in den Erfahrungsaustausch gehen.
Das solltest du nicht verpassen!