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epilot and ENEDI bring smart charging infrastructure to Stadtwerke Velbert more

Cologne, 28.10.2021: epilot has successfully advanced the topic of charging infrastructure for Stadtwerke Velbert. ENEDI GmbH, a subsidiary of Stadtwerke Velbert, was also significantly involved as a service partner and completed the successful cooperation. The utility company has already been relying on epilot since 2018. In this way, a multi-product platform for marketing products such as photovoltaics, battery storage, heating, e-mobility and broadband was successfully realized in an innovative way. For example, through epilot and ENEDI, Stadtwerke Velbert has primarily promoted the expansion of charging infrastructure for Velbert’s citizens and businesses through the sale of charging columns and wallboxes as part of the subsidy program.

epilot has already been working on the topic of charging infrastructure with the Velbert-based company since 2018. Since then, wallboxes and charging stations with different charging capacities have been available to private and business customers in a modern online ordering system. Each inquiry or order is created fully automatically as a separate end-to-end process. However, the support of ENEDI and the funding program in November 2020 gave the topic another intense boost: ENEDI and epilot enable Stadtwerke Velbert to expand charging infrastructure, taking into account federal and state funding. Among other things, this also includes the fully automated processing of inquiries, including partner management. Here, ENEDI is involved in process management as a full-fillment service provider for municipalities and private companies, with very little manual effort to meet the rapid demand for wallboxes with efficient and clean processing. In this way, quotation and contract documents are stored and processed directly in digital form. Stadtwerke Velbert shows how important digital sales with automated fulfillment is. Since then, Stadtwerke Velbert has been using an uncomplicated, resource-saving and innovative way to distribute charging columns and wallboxes. So far in 2020, 79 wallbox requests have been received, 25% of which were received after the grant program announcement was launched. So far in 2021, more than 160 wallbox requests have been received in epilot. So the number of requests has doubled. This shows how important end-to-end digitization is in order to meet demand.

“Together with epilot, we can continue to drive forward the expansion of the charging infrastructure. With the increasing number of electric vehicles, it is important to adapt the charging capacities of local sites to the user’s demand. Through many years of working with epilot, we have been able to digitize and automate our sales and cover specific customer needs in an all-encompassing way to process requests quickly. We are pleased that we have thus been able to take a further step towards realizing the desired area-wide charging infrastructure for Velbert,” saysDennis Schmitter, Project Manager ENEDI GmbH.

“The joint path with Stadtwerke Velbert shows how epilot works: Everyone can benefit from each other. With our ecosystem mindset and numerous valuable collaborations, the various customers can benefit from a fast implementation of their sales digitization,” says Michel Nicolai, CEO epilot. “We don’t have to start with a completely new development process for every customer. We can deploy and customize our software-as-a-service solution individually, depending on the customer’s needs – we save time and, of course, costs for the customer as a result.” Stadtwerke Velbert, for example, also uses the epilot click route for an interest survey of gas connections.

You can find more about ENEDI on our ecosystem page.

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