How Mainova generates more digital customer inquiries with epilot

Quite a few utilities are familiar with this: they have a wide range of energy services (EDL). But too little digital visibility to generate leads. And when prospective customers inquire, the paths to the offer are usually too complicated. Mainova also faced these challenges – now, thanks to the e-pilot Cloud, it has found a way not only to generate digital leads, but also to have an intelligent sales process running in parallel in the background. And they can do so conveniently via their own contact forms on the website and the associated landing pages.

The digital future should finally make its way into the sale of EDL products, according to Bodo Becker, Head of Operations EDL at Mainova: “At the moment, our prospective customers still find it difficult to find the right solution online. However, the new business is taking place in the digital environment – and here we have not been able to present the right approach so far.” Years ago, the utility looked at quite a few solutions for digital support, but did not find what it was looking for on the market. So they programmed their own solution. “However, this also very quickly reached its limits. We had not yet found the desired operational underpinning – until we got to know e-pilot.”

Contact forms and customer journey – e-pilot portfolio to be used

The e-commerce cloud for energy service providers maps a complete end-2-end process from marketing to control and settlement to billing of products. An intelligent solution for Mainova, as Becker explains: “We are about to relaunch our website. In the course of this, we are naturally also examining how we can integrate e-pilot’s portfolio – and already at relatively short notice.” In the case of landing pages, tests are already being carried out to determine whether existing contact forms can be replaced directly by e-pilot – so each lead is created as a sales process and processed accordingly. Duplicate or even missing processing is thus a thing of the past. Becker also wants the customer journey to be mapped as quickly as possible. Behind this is a tool that customers can understand and that guides them to the desired offer with just a few simple questions – and is so intelligent that it also suggests nearby products. The web store, in which existing or new products or services can be offered, is also interesting for Mainova.

“We develop and grow together”
Of course, there is still a long way to go before the e-pilot Cloud is fully integrated. Becker is also aware of this: “e-pilot is an innovative partner. Agile development is well known at a large utility like us and is being implemented in initial projects. Here, we also have to do some convincing internally and show that we are now on the right track – but not expect to present a new solution today that will then do all the work for us tomorrow. We are developing and growing together.” However, Becker is certain that there will be no lack of enthusiasm among his colleagues for the e-pilot Cloud and its possibilities.

About our interview partnerner

“The e-pilot cloud provides the functionality we need.”

Bodo Becker, Head of Service Provider Management, Mainova AG

Short vita:

since 2015, Mainova AG, Frankfurt, Head of Service Provider Management Department
2011-2015, TSK Flagsol Engineering GmbH, Cologne, Spain, Egypt, Head of Operation & Maintenance Solar Thermal Power Plants
2008-2011, Tier-1 supplier automotive / Audi AG, Burscheid, Ingolstadt, Martorell, Advanced Quality Engineer
2000-2008 Lufthansa CityLine GmbH, Cologne, Maintenance planning and control
1992-2000 temporary soldier / study of aircraft technology

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