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Guide: Building the digital EDL business in a few weeks

Getting started in energy services sales doesn’t have to be difficult. Two things are essential here – good business field development and choosing the right system.

But not every house already brings the necessary expertise. Therefore, we have compiled an initial guide for you with all the relevant steps that our customers go through in our expert workshops, e.g.: from ENEDI :

1. product development

  • First and foremost, it is about creating and aligning a common understanding of the product, the process and the goals. The framework conditions and schedule, as well as responsibilities and accountabilities are determined and milestones defined.
  • The next step is to work out the specific products. In the solar example, this means that packages are defined with number of modules, module type, inverter, accessories, etc.
  • In the case of the heating package, for example, a market study is added. In particular, the competitive situation in the region is considered, but also the age structure of the buildings, the type of heat generators currently used. From this, it is derived which technologies are interesting for the energy suppliers and which products they should offer.
  • At this point, it is also important to define the demarcation from the competition. In addition, however, economic and commercial parameters are also worked out. What selling price is conceivable in the region. What markups should be considered for risk factors? How can internal costs be mapped? Which additional products (e.g. monitoring, energy management) and additional services (e.g. maintenance) can be offered?

2. building the service provider network

The next step is primarily to find the right service providers.

  • To this end, local and regional service providers are first identified and their performance evaluated on the basis of references and size. Supraregional providers and their system are additionally considered. epilot is already working here with IBC Solar and Frequentum, for example.
  • Based on the results of the product development, offers are requested, evaluated and a recommendation made as to which companies should be discussed with.

3. product implementation and process digitization

Product implementation and process digitization can now be implemented in the epilot platform in the shortest possible time.

  • All you need to do is create the defined product package in the platform, create the click path in the epilot system in a few simple steps and implement it on your own website. Directly in the department, without any programming knowledge. Customers who do not yet work with epilot naturally undergo intensive onboarding.
  • All customer processes now converge transparently in epilot. From the initial inquiry to technical implementation and existing customer management. Service providers have free access to epilot.
  • Automation rules efficiently trigger and drive processes.
  • Predefined task lists give employees and service providers an overview of the tasks to be processed. Tasks are transparently assigned, checked off or added to in the system.
  • Activity log, comment function and file upload enable transparent documentation of the work steps.
  • A messaging function can be used to communicate directly with service providers and customers, for example to arrange an installation appointment.
  • After the “launch” of the product, our staff and partners accompany the pilot projects and are available for any queries or need for further support.

We will be happy to advise you right now on taking the first step towards EDL sales:

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