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DMS Automation

The DMS Group ‘s expertise is in providing customer service, process management and automation solutions to the utility industry. With over 700 employees, the DMS Group is one of the largest independent service providers in the utility industry.

The focus of the DMS Group is on automation with the help of RPA – Robotic Process Automation . RPA is software capable of emulating arbitrary workflows in completely different programs and is therefore often referred to as the spearhead of digitization.

As a certified partner of UiPath, DMS can realize fully comprehensive end-to-end automation via Robotic Process Automation. For example, data transfers from the epilot platform to the company’s own billing system are automated and thus less error-prone, cost- and time-saving.

In addition to process automation, completely hybrid solutions can be offered with the help of artificial intelligence and qualified employees, and unstructured data can be automated and processed end-to-end.

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