Who we are

We are epilot, a scale-up from Cologne that is in a rapid growth phase and is looking for smart people who don’t talk about digitalization, but do digitalization!

We don’t have a dress code or rigid hierarchies, everyone works like the platform itself – easily, efficiently and energetically.

Transparent communication, appreciation and an open approach to each other characterize our work and our customers notice that too.

Become an epilot and let us take our eCommerce Cloud to the next level together!


1. Check-In:

After we have screened your documents, we will get back to you as soon as possible, because we know how important it is not to let talents wait too long.


2. Boarding:

The next step is a telephone interview with one of our epilots from the respective department.

3. Getting to know the crew:

We invite you to an on site interview in our office so that you can get to know the epilot team and feel absolutely safe for the flight.

4. Get ready to fly:

After our on-site interview, you will receive prompt feedback from us as to whether we will start the flight together!

We're looking for you!


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