Commodity + X forms the future of the energy business

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Commodities are the bread and butter business of the energy sector. In our webinar yesterday, our expert Marlon Hütten therefore showed the community how our platform-based solution can achieve efficiency gains even in a highly automated process such as electricity and gas: Our flexible tariff configuration makes it possible to map any number of electricity and gas tariffs with a short time-to-market. In addition, you can enormously increase the up- and cross-selling potential through attractive product bundling of your tariffs with e.g. household appliances, streaming services or other energy products. This so-called Commodity + X principle is the future of the energy business!
Marketing is also a piece of cake due to the simple creation of intuitive customer journeys on a no-code basis and the use of various payment methods, such as Paypal. The epilot customer portal completes our all-in-one solution with active customer management.
If you would like to learn more about epilot and the digital distribution of energy products, register now for further webinars:
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