epilot in the emw: How energy suppliers bring their customers into focus

April 6, 2020

The German energy suppliers’ customer satisfaction has been extremely low so far, which is partly due to a lack of customer orientation. But this is not necessary: energy suppliers can also offer their complex energy products in a simple, digital and customer-centric way. Our CEO Michel Nicolai explains in the current issue of the energy trade journal emw how this can be achieved. The article “This is how energy suppliers put customers in the spotlight – How digitalization wins customers” is about the energy suppliers’ current situation in terms of digitalization, which pain points they have to deal with and how they can be managed with just one software: with the epilot platform, energy suppliers can offer their products online in an uncomplicated way and thus bring their customers’ needs into the focus of attention. Find out how this specifically works and what advantages the epilot cloud offers energy suppliers by clicking here: How energy companies put customers at the centre of attention