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Webinar-Registration of generation plants


Webinar- Registration of generation plants

In a webinar with SWTE Netz GmbH, we show you together with Andre Freude, Head of Network Sales & Contract Management from the network company of Stadtwerke Tecklenburger Land, how the implementation of the pilot project for the registration of generation plants at our customer was implemented. Here you can find our events and webinars

Time: 10:00 - 10:45 Uhr

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Webinar - Integrations

APIs, connectors, webhooks & Co - Head of Sales Marlon Hütten and CTO Szilard Toth exchange ideas about the possibilities of connecting third-party systems to epilot.



Webinar - E-Mobility

As a central sales and customer management solution, our epilot platform was implemented and realized at SVO Vertrieb GmbH within 6 weeks. With the e-mobility offer configurator, we have created an integrated overall solution for owners of electric cars together with excubate.

Webinar-Commodity + X


Webinar - Commodity + X

The future of commodities lies in bundling them with non-commodities and attractive add-ons that are precisely tailored to your customers. In this interview with Philipp Iser from Stadtwerke Karlsruhe, you can find out all about our commodity solution.

As part of our webinar series in April, our Head of Sales Marlon Hütten and Philipp Iser from Stadtwerke Karlsruhe will give you an insight into the opportunities with Commodity + X.



Webinar - Broadband

The expansion of the broadband network is an attractive business area for energy providers: You can expand your traditional product portfolio and at the same time offer telecommunications products as a digital service provider. Together with Dirk Fieml from tktVivax as a broadband strategy expert, we show you how you can successfully market your broadband tariffs using the epilot platform.

As part of our March webinar series, we spoke with Dirk Fieml of tktVivax about broadband sales.

Webinar-House connection & commissioning


Webinar - House connection and commissioning

With our eCommerce solution, you can efficiently map the digital house connection and seamlessly link the commissioning process. In a pilot group, we set up this process digitally with Andre Freude, Head of Network Sales & Contract Management at the Stadtwerke Tecklenburger Land network company, among others. In the webinar, we will show you what the complete solution for network operators looks like in a use case.

You can read more about our pilot project commissioning with SWTE network on our news page.

Webinar-PayPal Integration


Webinar - PayPal Integration

In addition to the existing payment methods such as SEPA, direct debit or credit card, you can now also add PayPal as a payment option to your customer journey on the epilot platform. Stadtwerke Stade has recently integrated PayPal into its home connection journey, offering its customers a simple, fast and modern payment process.

As part of our webinar series in March, we presented the integration of PayPal together with Stadtwerke Stade.

Webinar-Living as a Service


Webinar - Living as a Service

"Living as a Service" - with this, Stadtwerke Gütersloh wants to make the lives of its customers a little easier every day. The basis for this is a broad product portfolio - from electricity and gas, supplemented by energy services for heat, e-mobility and regenerative energy generation, to mobility services and telecommunications, right through to the leisure sector. As part of a medium-term target and implementation program, these products are to be increasingly linked with one another in order to generate a holistic benefit for customers and open up new future business models for Stadtwerke Gütersloh.

As part of our webinar series in March, we presented the overall concept together with Stadtwerke Gütersloh. 

epilot World 2021

09.02. - 11.02.2021

epilot World 2021

The E-world energy & water was postponed to May. We therefore decided in November to launch a virtual event as an alternative. The virtual epilot world took place from February 9 to 11. In the section "epilot world" you can find all recordings of our three-day program. Insights into the digitization strategy from high-ranking industry representatives, best practice contributions from our community with tips & tricks for successful sales as well as current highlights from our product development. Have fun browsing!

In February, we hosted our virtual epilot world for the first time. Over the course of three days, we discussed with over 40 renowned speakers what the industry is currently dealing with and what it will be dealing with in the future. 

Webinar - Commodities


Webinar - Commodities

Commodity + X: The future of commodities lies in bundling with non-commodities and attractive add-ons that are precisely tailored to your customers. Learn everything about our commodity solution at the webinar from our product management experts.

Webinar - Integrated house connection & commissioning


Webinar - Integrated house connection and commissioning

With our solution, you can efficiently map the digital house connection and seamlessly link the commissioning process. We will also show you the integration of the Thüga SmartService billing solution for the house connection process together with Stadtwerke Greven.

Webinar -


Webinar - E-mobility

From November 24, your customers can apply for the government subsidy for private use of charging infrastructure. We show you how to sell charging stations in a user-friendly way with our customer journeys and how to bundle other attractive products such as a solar system or the electricity and gas tariff with the wallbox.

epilot Online Community Convention
(Part 1)


epilot Online Community Convention 2020 (Part 1)

Our community continues to grow - and with it the opportunities to learn from each other. Our epilot Community Convention from September is being relaunched in a two-part online convention. Last Thursday, Natalie Waletzko, Head of Sales Service at Stadtwerke Gütersloh GmbH, kicked off the event with a presentation on cultural change and digitization with epilot. Thus, not only the sales channels were changed by the eCommerce-oriented click tracks of epilot, but also a whole new way of thinking and working was introduced at the Stadtwerke through strategy days and agile tools. Our CEO Michel Nicolai shared product highlights from 2020 as well as a preview of the upcoming epilot roadmap. On November 25, the Online Convention will enter its second round together with enercity.

Webinar - Customer portal


Webinar - Customer portal

Customer self-service is a must-have in times of Google, Siri & CO. With the epilot customer portal, you can provide your customers with a new customer experience by viewing orders, contracts and delivery dates at any time from anywhere and "mobile first". Our experts Marlon and Felix will give you an insight into the status quo of the epilot customer portal in the webinar.

Webinar - Commodites


Webinar - Commodities

Commodity + X forms the future of the energy business Commodities are the bread and butter business of the energy industry. In our webinar, our expert Marlon shows you how our platform-based solution can achieve efficiencies even in a very automated process like electricity and gas: Our flexible tariff configuration makes it possible to map any number of electricity and gas tariffs with a short time-to-market. In addition, attractive product bundling of your tariffs with, for example, household appliances, streaming services or other energy products can enormously increase your up- and cross-selling potential. This so-called commodity + X principle is the future of the energy business! Marketing is also a breeze thanks to the simple creation of intuitive customer journeys on a no-code basis and the use of various payment methods, such as Paypal. The epilot customer portal completes our all-in-one solution with active customer management.

imh EPCON in Vienna

6. und 7.10.2020

epilot bei der imh EPCON 2020 in Vienna

eOur sales expert Roland (Country Manager Austria & Switzerland) will be speaking at the imh EPCON on the conference branch "Energy - Innovation for Future", the largest Austrian energy congress, where the key players of the energy industry meet. On October 6 at 2:15 p.m. you will learn under the topic "evuCommerce for energy service providers" how an intelligent bundling of commodity and non-commodity products works, how you can unite your customers, employees and partners in one ecosystem and how you can set up your sales in a future-proof and digital way. Meet Roland at EPCON and learn what moves the industry.



epilot Community Convention 2020

Mit einem ausgefeilten Hygienekonzept hat sich ein Teil unsere epilot Community am 30.09. im Herzen von Köln in der FRÜH Lounge getroffen, um die Vernetzung unseres epilot Ökosystems voranzutreiben. Netzer, Vertriebler und Kooperationspartner konnten gemeinsam an dem Erfahrungsaustausch teilnehmen und somit verschiedene Impulse zu unserer SaaS-Plattform mitnehmen. Neben neuesten Produktentwicklungen haben die Stadtwerke Velbert, Stadtwerke Bad Säckingen GmbH und Stadtwerke Gütersloh GmbH ihre epilot Erfolgsgeschichten zum Vertrieb von Breitbandtarifen, epilot Experience Workshops und kulturellem Wandel mit der Community geteilt. Im zweiten Teil der Veranstaltung hat dann Danilo T. von der enercity AG über die gemeinsame Umsetzung der Customer Journey für Energiedienstleistungen gesprochen. Thomas Spinnen von der Energieversorgung Mittelrhein (evm-Gruppe) ergänzte diesen Ansatz mit der Bedeutung der Energiedienstleistungen für die Kundengewinnung. Unsere Convention hat gezeigt, welche Entwicklungsschwerpunkte und Digitalisierungsstrategien für die kommenden Monate von besonderer Bedeutung sein werden. 
Vielen Dank für die spannenden Beiträge!

With a sophisticated hygiene concept, part of our epilot community met on September 30 in the heart of Cologne in the FRÜH Lounge to advance the networking of our epilot ecosystem. Networkers, distributors and cooperation partners were able to participate in the exchange of experiences together and thus take away various impulses regarding our SaaS platform. In addition to the latest product developments, Stadtwerke VelbertStadtwerke Bad Säckingen GmbH and Stadtwerke Gütersloh GmbH shared their epilot success stories on selling broadband tariffs, epilot Experience Workshops and cultural change with the community. In the second part of the event, Danilo T. from enercity AG then talked about the joint implementation of the Customer Journey for energy services.  Thomas Spinnen from Energieversorgung Mittelrhein (evm-Group) complemented this approach with the importance of energy services for customer acquisition. Our convention showed which development focal points and digitization strategies will be of particular importance in the coming months. Many thanks for the exciting contributions!

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